Speaking the lingo - Part 3

Speaking the lingo - Part 3

22nd Mar 2010

Thewineremedy continues its examination of wine language.



Referring to a wines smell, lacking in a forceful impression, the opposite of aromatic.


A wine fault and the most common, its tell tail signs are musty smells which mask the wines fruit.




A wine with a good level of acidity.




Wines which have complex and intense flavours.




The aggressive and burning sensations produced by high levels of alcohol and/or tannin in wines.




The sensations of taste and smell you continue to experience after swallowing or spitting the wine. How long the finish lasts is an important benchmark for assessing a wines quality, the long the better. (See length in part 4)




A wine lacking in acidity.




Wines made from unripe fruit, they are often high in acidity and lacking in flavour.




Wines which have a firm texture, usually from the tannin, which helps give definition to fine red wines.


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