Wine Buying - Part 1

Wine Buying - Part 1

12th Apr 2010

How to get more bang for your buck when buying wine.

Buying wine can be a bewildering task. There are thousands of grape varieties and hundred’s of wine regions throughout the world. Not to mention the millions of people who make wine across the globe! How could anyone start making a choice from all those? It is estimated that in the UK alone you can buy wines from 32 different countries.

This has been a hot topic amongst the community in recent weeks and we have received many questions on the subjects of buying wine and getting value for money.  Thewineremedy team has been tasting a great deal of wines from the New World recently, some of them outstanding and all under £10.We will be showcasing them to the community soon.


Considering all the interest we have had on the subject of wine buying, we thought it would be a good idea to put together a general guide on avoiding the pitfalls and getting value for money. Simply put, there is plenty of awful wine out there and we want to help the community avoid it. There is also, to be fair, a great deal of superb wine of outstanding value in the market place, from wine regions and producers who are ever improving. You just need to know where to look.


Luckily the number of wine shops – even supermarkets – where the staff knows their stuff is increasing. You could probably walk into any branch of any established merchants, including chain stores, and say, for example, that some friends were coming round that evening and you were planning to serve Thai food.  You wanted two bottles of white and two of red, each under £8, and what did they recommend? You’d be unlucky if you didn’t get a useful reply. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, the assistants don’t bite!


We strongly recommend seeking out shops that do tastings, and very many do. The Majestic chain of wine shops in the UK offer tastings every weekend, often showing a large number of wines, usually tied to special offers – e.g. £4.99 a bottle, or £3.99 if you buy two or more. Their Champagne offers are particularly competitive at the moment. If you find a wine you like there, we would snap up plenty. If you like it, the chances are other people will too. Over the months and years you are bound to build up knowledge of what you like – and what you like that you can also afford!


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